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How To Get The Most Out Of Working Remotely

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So you’ve escaped the cubicle life your fellow employees face every day. You can work anyplace you want as long as you are producing the desired results. It’s new daunting experience to work remotely, kind of like going solo after being in the boy band or girl group for so long. But there are some things you can do to ensure you get the most of working remotely.

This insightful infographic shares a few tips and best practices in working remotely for both employee and the head person in charge. Here’s five we’d like to highlight:

1. Communicate well and often: With all the technology available to you, be sure to communicate with fellow employees, and of course, the boss. Though you and other employees may be working alone at a space like Choice Coworking, you must figure out how best to keep in touch with them and of course, the boss.

2. Use collaborative applications or software: If you’re the boss, then providing the right tools that allow for collaboration amongst employees near and far will be key to getting the most of having employees working remotely.

3. List who’s working where and what time zone: So the VA is on the east coast, the director is on the west, and the boss is in the midwest. Is there a directory or listing easily accessible to everyone involved? If no, create one!

4. Go old school and call: Yes, email and messaging are great for communication, but the old school phone call still works wonders! Conference calls especially keep everyone abreast of what’s going on and provide listeners a chance to also multi-task if needed.

5. Go new school and use video: Video messaging and communicating isn’t just for the kids. Many businesses incorporate video streaming into the communication mix. Whether you’re the boss or the employee working remotely video makes the distance between parties seem less. Not to mention, sentiment nor meaning is lost as it often is with text messaging and email.

Now take a look at the other tips shared in this infographic on how to get the best out of working remotely.

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Where’s The Best Place To Work ?

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It’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a professional. Where will you work if you’ve chosen not to have a boss nor a cubicle? Home, your favorite coffee shop, or a coworking space?  Where will you be the most comfortable, or better yet the most productive?

In article, “Working Remotely Does Not Mean You Should Work From Home,” writer shares the pros and cons of the three most popular options.  Here’s an excerpt:

Working at home also has some significant intangible costs. Your mental state when you’re at “home” versus when you’re at “work” should be different.

When you overlap the two you often suffer from either not putting in enough effort while you’re working, or putting in too much work time when you’re supposed to be at home. Some people can manage this dissonance, most can’t.

Lastly, if you’re running a business that requires occasional meetings, you’re stuck doing them in public places or at the location of your client. That works, but it potentially hurts perceptions around your business and the amount of money your customers think they should be paying you.

As freelancer, consultant, or entrepreneur perception is crucial to the success of your business. Choice Coworking space exist to help you look as professional as possible by providing an environment for you to work, meet, and even showcase your expertise through seminars and workshops.

And unlike your favorite coffee shop or library, you can comfortably conduct business over the phone or the internet without fear your surroundings will interrupt the conversation.  As the article states pitching your services or product to a potential client while in a noisy coffee shop or cell-phone restrictive library can really present some challenges. Choosing the wrong environment to conduct business only adds more stress!

Choosing to work in co-working space like Choice Co-Working also provides other benefits. It’s a “great in-between that helps legitimize the business” and more says The Next Web post.  Read what those benefits are by clicking, “Working Remotely Does Not Mean You Should Work From Home.